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This site’s purpose is to share tips, tricks, and techniques I have learned in my day to day workings as a developer. Topics you may find here will cover mostly Microsoft technologies, such as ASP.NET, Web Forms, AJAX, MVC, Silverlight, and WPF. Along the way you may find a little jQuery and javascript thrown in to keep things dynamic.

This site also serves as a repository of how items of interest have been done, or might be done when I have the future need. I know in my travels across the Internet I come across a wide range of interesting topics, some of which I may not have a use for at the time but want to keep in mind should I need them in the future. Occasionally a topic will inspire me enough to work through the technique, even though I am not currently using it. In that case it will show up here.

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CODE Framework AsyncWorker

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The CODE Framework is an extensive set of utilities that can make your life easier. The tool I want to talk about today is the AsyncWorker. This little gem can be found in the CODE.Framework.Wpf.Mvvm name space and provides a convenient way to execute code on a background thread without having to recall the syntax required to go through the application dispatcher to invoke and control a background thread.Read More

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